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Hello Friends! Thank you for looking into my little piece of the world! 


My family of five is untraditional in the most traditional sense of the word. I'm married with children ages 10, 6 and 4. Like many other moms, I stay home, take care of the house and drink wine occasionally to unwind at night. This seemingly normal family dynamic is no longer the norm. Most mommas are now working outside the home and having more than two kids is now considered a big family. Furthermore, being a homemade granola "crunchy" momma, that homebirthed, homeschools and ferments her own Kombucha, is still considered odd in most circles. 

I didn't start out as an essential oil "enthusiast", in fact, I was quite the skeptic! My family owns a small chain of health food stores here in the "D" and the surrounding metropolis. You couldn't convince me that the oils sold by the MLM's where any better than what we had in our stores! Furthermore, I wasn't going to PAY for oils when I could get them for FREE! I had received free oils from many of the EO companies and the market, including a few direct sales companies that claimed to be the best and they were all the same to me. So when a few family members were excitedly talking up Young Living and raving about the changes they were experiencing in their family, my first reaction was, "They drank the Kool-aid!" So what in the world would make this momma, so sure of her ways, do a 180? 


Tired of seeing me roll my eyes at their oily suggestions, my mother and sister-in-law decided I needed an intervention! Showing unreserved confidence, they bought a Young Living starter kit for my family and insisted I tried them for myself. The first few weeks, frankly, I had no idea what I was doing. I diffused the oils occasionally, mostly just to make the house smell good. I don't think I ever applied them topically and I might have used them in a bath or two. I was still resistant to change and didn't want to be wrong. However, I clearly remember the moment the light bulb turned on! We were visiting my mom, my daughter was uncomfortable with the pets in the home. My mom helped her relax by showing her how to place a drop of lavender essential oil on her little pinky and swab it around her nose. The change in my child brought tears to my eyes! It was the start of something amazing! It was the start of a long-term friendship between my daughter and lavender and to this day they are inseparable! As a child that is sensitive to all things chemical, it was a relief to find something so supportive of her health that she could safely use. If you want to win over a skeptical momma, you only need to lend a hand to one of her children. 


After that I became the queen of essential oil research, searching out new ways to use these little bottles of liquid gold to help my family. I was overjoyed to have options! Thrilled to be able to support all the systems of the body! In my excitement, I started telling everyone that would listen! People seeing the changes in my family started asking questions. Before I knew it, I was teaching classes to my growing team of Young Living Members. I realized quickly that the oils were beginning to fill another need in my life--being an adult in an adult world. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't ready to send the kids off to an institution for indoctrination, er... education. I certainly didn't want to go out and get a J.O.B. but I loved that I was offering an education to other families one of the subjects for which I had always had a passion and didn't realize how much I had missed since leaving the workforce. 


The unexpected blessing didn't stop there, I found I had also managed to fix another problem in our home with the essential oils--our debt! Since, the birth of our third child and leaving my job, we had been slowly losing the battle against our credit cards. Car repairs would arise, unplanned medical bills, sucking up my favorite sweater in the leaf-blower killing the motor (and my sweater), these things all began to add up! Plus, my husbands pay increases were based on the stores sales and the country was in a recession! Do you ever see those ads "Want to earn an extra $500 - $1000 while sipping coffee, wearing pajamas, in your bed?" That was totally me! In that first year, only my first check was under $500 and I had several over $1000! The best part is, it just keeps growing! 


Now it's your turn. What story will you be writing? Will you sit back and let the waves of this unstable economy wash over you? Will you leave your family's health to chance? Will you continue fighting traffic and insufficient pay for an unfulfilling job?

It's time to take control of your family's wellness, love the work you do, spend time with your kids and own your finances! What if, just what if... you could change your story? I could be wrong... But what if I'm right? 

Start now!